Lessons Learned

imageThe past two weeks is the worst I’ve been at writing.  Ever.  When I am tired, it is hard to write.  A few other lessons learned the past few weeks:

  1. Do NOT listen to the This American Life episode about hospice while on a run.  I honest to god thought that I was having sudden onset of exercise-induced asthma because I really COULD. NOT. BREATHE.  …when I realized I was just getting choked up.
  2. Videos of baby elephants and their mothers make me cry a little bit.
  3. I should probably not watch Barbara Walters’ final day on The View where they brought in all of the other women anchors into the room so they could tell her what a huge legacy she has if I don’t want to embarrass myself by tearing up.
  4. When at a wedding I should head to the bar during the father/daughter mother/son dance because if I don’t I will cry and it will destroy my makeup.
  5. Weaning the baby might be messing with my hormones.

Update soon.

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