Night swimming


Sunset outdoor practices are my favorite.  By far.  Maybe it’s because for some reason swimming at dusk almost always gives me flashbacks of swim practice as a kid.  Maybe it’s because when you’re done, and that super relaxed, warm, foggy, wave of sleepiness that always follows a hard swim finally washes over you, you know all you have to do is curl up in your bed and go to sleep…as opposed to spend the whole day trying to hide the fact you’re about to faceplant on the conference room table.  Who knows.

Getting there is hard.  Usually Paul isn’t home, and the lifeguards aren’t super stoked on babysitting a one year old while I swim (weird). Even if Paul is home, more often than not, by 6:30pm I’ve had the whole day to convince myself I definitely should NOT go to practice.

But I love watching twilight fall while I swim, seeing the pool lights come on, illuminating the bright, bright blue water against an orange sky, knowing that my sweats are waiting for me if I just get through this one last set, and walking through the front door clean, tired, and happy.

…until someone poops in the bathtub and I spend the rest of the night dealing with a screaming one year old because she wanted to stay in the tub longer and bleaching everything.  But still.

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