I would like to buy them all a Coke


I keep thinking about that play, Our Town, I remember we did it at my high school and at the end of it…you know, the person dies and they get to kind of revisit…it’s a little bit like It’s A Wonderful Life, it’s the same thing.  They get to look at their life and they miss eating breakfast, you know, they miss seeing their sister walk to school.  And you start to realize it’s just the minutiae of life that’s wonderful.  We think that being a Maverick or being a big shot or winning this prize or having these significant … moments, whether it be a wedding or an achievement, a prom, a party, or whatever it is, the Oscars, these things, we think that they’re going to be the good stuff.  And the good stuff is like waking up in the morning.  The good stuff is the stuff that’s for free, it always is.  And that’s what I mean when I say ‘wax the corny’, but there’s that line, I forget who said it, ‘the secret to life is enjoying the passing of time’.  To me that is essentially…if I had to do Boyhood in a pithy little statement, that really is it.

~Ethan Hawke, “waxing the corny” on when people ask him what the movie Boyhood is about and why it is so moving (Nerdist Podcast 625)

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