March Madness


One of my current coworkers went to Duke and is a self-proclaimed die-hard Duke fan.  He’s always talking about Duke, which is obnoxious (but really, is there any other kind of Duke fan?)  So naturally I turned to him to inquire about our office’s March Madness pool.

Turns out our office has never had a March Madness pool before.  Weird.  But just another reminder that I’m back in the regular world where people don’t do this with their corn fields.


But Duke Fan was like, “THIS IS A GREAT IDEA!  If you set it up I’ll put up the $$ for the prize, so there doesn’t have to be a buy in.”

Awesome.  So I set up our office pool.  Because this:


Kentucky’s been crushing it this year.  CRUSHING IT.  They are poised to be the first team to go through an entire season, including the tournament, undefeated since something like 1796. Or maybe 1976.

And Duke.  I was only in Kentucky for four years, but if there is one thing that I fully bought into it’s that Duke is horrible.  So this was going to be awesome.

Anyway, very few people here know or care about this.  Except my husband.


That’s been hanging outside our house all month.

So I set up the pool and sent out the invite, and was immediately contacted by half of the people in our office asking how this works and letting me know they’d never done one of these before (again, weird), but that this was great, thank you!

So last week going into the Sweet 16 I went to check on the standings, and in addition to seeing that I was second to last (what else is new) I noticed that Duke Fan, the same Duke Fan that was TOTALLY into doing the pool, who can’t stop talking about how Duke is better than everyone, had picked Kentucky OVER Duke IN THE FINAL GAME.


I didn’t even know how to respond.  I am not exaggerating when I say Paul would probably cut off his right leg before he EVER chose Duke to over Kentucky.  EVER.  In ANY game.

Paul’s response: “That is so typical of a Duke fan.”

I’m not even serious basketball fan, but the world feels very confusing right now.  This is a whole new kind of madness.

But things like this make it a little better.


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