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On Saturday, a consequence of being responsible and planning ahead and buying tickets in October, I was experiencing the early stages of a nasty flu at LAX with these two:

File_000 (36).jpeg

…while apparently everyone else in the world was doing this.


Or at least 750,000 Angelenos were.

To say I was bummed to miss this would be an understatement.

All day long I was getting texts from friends all over the country.  And that night, after a long flight and drive through rural northern Kentucky, I scrolled through my IG feed…

unspecified-4.pngwashington dc

…and was overcome…

unspecified-3.pngsanta barbara, CA

….for the first time…

unspecified-5.pnglos angeles, CA

…in a very long while…

unspecified-2.pngportland, OR

…with a sense of wonder…

unspecified-3.pnglexington, KY

…and pride…

unspecified-3.pngboston, MA

…and love…

new orleans, LA

…and optimism…

unspecified-5.pngphiladelphia, PA

…and hope for our country.

unspecified-4.pngsan francisco, CA

Even though I had been lugging a 45 lb carseat through the airport instead of a sign down Hill Street.


I spent Saturday night in a flu-induced haze and the next morning, after Paul fed me some night-time flu meds and I started to finally drift off into a drug-induced sleep, he said, “Top headline in my news feed today: ‘Zero Arrests at Historic LA Women’s March’.”


I remember my father telling me, just before the election, when we all thought we knew how it would end, “You don’t even realize, your generation is standing on the shoulders of giants.”

In 2013 TIME Magazine had a cover story that labeled this generation lazy, narcissistic, and “informed but inactive”.  The article, which wasn’t entirely critical, concluded with this thought:

“So, yes, we have all that data about narcissism and laziness and entitlement. But a generation’s greatness isn’t determined by data; it’s determined by how they react to the challenges that befall them.”

Maybe this is the first major challenge to befall this generation, and maybe this is the first chance to see a collective reaction.  Maybe this generation will be the one to carry on the legacy of those giants.


Thank you to everyone who marched and represented our country with such dignity and restraint.  It matters.


…and with that, enough political posts…back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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