I feel like I’ve spent the last year listening nonstop to political podcasts and reading the WSJ and watching historical documentaries trying to understand, contextualize, and come to terms with what is going on.  All to no avail.

And on Tuesday, January 31, at 11:16am PST I hit a wall.  I couldn’t take any more.  I knew if I heard the word “emoluments” one more time something very, very bad was going to happen.


So I did what I do when things get really bad.  I turned to one friend that I know will always be there for me:


Bravo.  Bravo understands me.


It approaches real life problems in a way that makes sense to me.


I love Bravo so much that I am pretty sure it’s the primary reason Paul really pushed for us not to have a TV in the house.  Because he really, really hates it.


I have no idea why.

So instead of working to expand my knowledge of the world while I wash the dishes, fold laundry, or do whatever other menial tasks I spend my afternoons doing, I try to kill as many brain cells as possible.

But sometimes when things feel overwhelming, I find it comfort in immersing myself in a world where the biggest drama involves who was invited to so-and-so’s birthday party and where (white) men have a “braid guy”.

And we wonder how we found ourselves in the current political situation.


Also, I have a Bravo GIF problem.  But how can you not.


AND THEN, because wasting 45 minutes of my life isn’t enough, I go and read‘s recaps, which are incredibly lengthy and detailed and use phrases like “the after picture of Ursula the Sea Witch if she lost 100 pounds and did a testimonial for a late-night exercise infomercial” to (accurately) describe one of the women on the show.

…and this is where we are.

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