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Hey there.  It’s been a minute.

The past few months I kind of lost my mojo, my motivation to do much of anything.   It was a combination of a number of things, including (but not limited to): election/inauguration hangover/adjustment period; the fact that at least one person in our house has been sick every day for the PAST 3 MONTHS; and that baby #3 will be joining us in the fall and this one was really into morning sickness.  Surprise!

And in spending hours on the couch hating life, I discovered something.


Turns out if you type in “(any ailment at all) during” into Google search, one of the very first autofills will inevitably be “pregnancy”.


Sometimes you don’t even need the “during”.


You can even misspell your ailment and it will still autofill for you.



It’s a fun game.


It also gives you a sense as to just how many f**king things go wrong with your body.  Or how much pregnant women like to search their symptoms.  Or both.

Aren’t you glad we’re back?

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2 thoughts on “Symptoms

  1. AHHH!! CONGRATS MEAGANROONIE AND PAUL (And mora and eddie …)

    I haven’t checked your blog in a long bit, but I’m glad that I did!

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