Breaking up the long runs

My colleague and I are a little less than 3 weeks out from our NASCAR half marathon in NC.   We’ve both done a decent job of staying on course with training.  Two weekends ago I did an 11.5 mile run, so this past weekend I was planning on going for a full 13.  The Friday morning prior to my run one of the Masters swimmers (who also coaches triatheletes training for the Ironman) suggested that instead of a straight 13 mile run, break it up: 6.5 miles Saturday night, 6.5 miles Sunday morning (the day you would normally take off).  Though probably more appropriate for individuals training for a full marathon as opposed to a half, it’s a good way to keep your mileage up while giving your body a little bit of a break. 

So I took his advice and on Monday, my knees and shins felt just fine.   Ready for the post-Thanksgiving dinner 13 miler coming up this weekend.  Ug.

Sidenote: Congrats to Joe on breaking 4 hours in the Philly marathon!

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