Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

This past month I stumbled upon a group of girls who, like me, are new to Kentucky and, also like me, have few to no friends.  So by default we’ve started hanging out together and, I think to make things feel more official, someone decided it would be a good idea to start a Book* Club.  (We don’t really read books…usually just drink.  And sometimes read an article.)

For last week’s Book* Club meeting I decided it would be a great idea to make these Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies that I found on Orangette (thanks to Vanessa), adapted from Good to the Grain by Kim Boyce.    Changes I made included:

  • All white sugar (we didn’t have any brown sugar…I was told that if there was vanilla in the recipe, it shouldn’t make that much of a difference.)

That’s pretty much it.  I used cold butter and chilled the dough before baking.  According to the reviews, these cookies are AH-MAY-ZING.   The first batch came out…eh.  OK.  Really crunchy.  Not awesome.   The second batch I burned (Paul ate all of them anyway.)  So, in a nutshell…fail.

I don’t know why they weren’t as delicious as everyone else seemed to think they were…but I’m pretty sure it was my fault.   Plus, I forgot to bring them to Book* Club, so odds are I’ll be giving them another chance soon.

3 thoughts on “Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. They didn’t turn out well? Oh no! And you forgot them? Love it. Try them again, the recipe halves well if you don’t want to make a full batch- and use the brown sugar and try it with room temperature butter ( I know it says cold- ignore) and try under-baking them a bit…..I’m a crappy baker so other than that I have no suggestions. Good luck!

  2. My sister has a good recipe for whole wheat chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and they are SO good…ill try to get it and email it to yoU!

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