Plant the seed

Some of you may remember the garden that Paul planted on the table of our tiny apartment in SF last year.

(If you’re wondering, those tiny sprouts growing out of those little black containers are now producing tons of peppers in my parent’s back yard in Santa Barbara.  The zucchini plants weren’t so lucky.)

Well, now we have a yard, and another Spring Break project was getting the garden rolling.  Paul built two garden boxes (and a compost pile) in the backyard…

…and we began the process of planting some starter crops, including:


Corn (soon to be followed by beans and squash, the Three Sisters.)

…and tomatoes (tomatillos and Roma), spinach, and some flowers for the house.  The weather is still pretty cold (case in point: today it snowed again.  bastards.) so the seed options in town are limited, but there should be more in the next month or so.

And because it’s too cold for them plants to grow outside, for now our garden is flourishing in the kitchen.

Progress updates to come.

3 thoughts on “Plant the seed

    1. see what happens when your “children”(ie pepper plants or wiener dogs) move to Santa Barbara …they thrive as opposed to the fate of those poor zuccini plants

      1. i completely blame our old landlords for the untimely death of the zucchinis. im surprised we survived living there for as long as we did.

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