Casa Creamsicle

After much thought, we have decided to stay in the house that we are currently renting and not buy here in Kentucky.

Now time to finish unpacking, get rid of the boxes, and make this previous bachelor pad somewhere liveable.  (The house was kind of trashed when we moved in and our landlord lives in DC, so he has no problem at all with us fixing it up.)

First step: paint.

All of the walls in our house are kind of a brownish-gray color, except for the biggest room, the living room, which is dark blue.  Wildcat blue.

We are not repainting the blue room.  Too much work.  Which means we are going to have to work with the blue…starting with the dining room.  The dining room opens up into the living room, so our goal was twofold: find a color that brightened up the dining room (inside the house can get a little dark) and also went well with the blue.

Off to Home Depot…multiple times.  After innumerable light blue and red and green and yellow and off-white swatches, and a minor melt-down by me in the store (“I can’t do this anymore, I just don’t care, let’s just leave it”), we walked out with a can of…orange paint.

“Vintage Orange.”  Yeah.  I don’t know.

Final result.  Before:


Woah.  Definitely brighter.  Reminds me of…a creamsicle (or, for those of you who were there, the far wall of my bedroom in San Diego.)  We’ll see.

UPDATE: Furniture has been moved back in (we need a new kitchen table and that dresser is going back to the landlord next time he’s in town, but it’s a start.)

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