Berry exciting

Meet the newest members of the fam, planted along our back fence.  I thought the packaging was cool, completely biodegradable and meant to be put in the ground with the plant, which I had never seen before.

And while berries are particularly hardy and can handle the cold, our other crops are going to have to wait another month or so, until the final frost is over, before we can let them out of the house.  (“Before the final frost”…I sound like I’m living on the prairie in my covered wagon.)  But they are doing pretty well.

Paul is excited.  Spring is here.

4 thoughts on “Berry exciting

  1. I love the labelling on that photo, so cute! I bought a red currant bush from the pound store and have it planted up in a tub. This has worked well with strawberries for me as well. I can’t wait to have my own house and plant some raspberries out too, they need a bit more room to do their thing!

    1. Yeah, indoor gardens are tricky. Herbs and tomatoes usually do well, but anything bigger can be a pain. Good luck with your berry tub!

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