Small and Tiny

Paul asked me the other day, “Have you seen our raspberries?”

We planted our berries over a year ago, and the raspberry bush is the only one that survived (Spike ate the blueberry plant and the blackberries just never came to fruition…literally.)  So the fact that this plant was producing its first berries was pretty exciting.  I told him, no, I hadn’t, and he said, “I tried one and it was DELICIOUS.”

So yesterday when I was out feeding las pequenas and watering the garden, I stopped by to take a look at these delicious berries.

They are about the size of my pinky fingernail.  I am (kind of) surprised Paul ate it.

So while our chickens have been producing mondo eggs, our produce seems to be taking an alternative route.  Much like the tomatoes, our berries appear to be dwarfed.  It has been brutally hot here, and we haven’t gotten a lot of rain, so maybe that’s why.

And speaking of our eggs (which I promise, will stop soon), this morning Romy unleashed one egg to rule them all.

Those eggs next to it are the big ones in this picture.  It weighs like 5lbs.  A monster.

It’s going to be a hot hot weekend almost everywhere.  Stay cool and be sure to hydrate before you recreate.

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