Run like a girl

Finished the NYC Fitness Magazine Women’s Half Marathon this weekend, 2 laps around Central Park.

mile 11.5.  shoot me.

It was my first “women’s” race, and I don’t know if I’ll ever opt to do one again (I have never seen so much Lululemon in one place before in my life…and we all know how I feel about them.)  Did you know, though, that the race legally can’t exclude men, so there were some men who ran with us (as highlighted in the above photo.)  I don’t know what they did with the purple goodie bag full of Weight Watchers shakes and Tampax.

Went a PR, which was good, but it didn’t feel awesome (largely due to some poor decisions made the night before regarding food and hydration.)

post-race, in margaret’s apartment

But I did get to see some old friends and hang out in New York on a beautiful Sunday…it was great.

view from margaret’s window

For a full race report, go here.

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