Then, of course, there are the things that just plain make you glad to be alive. Aside from the smell of garlic simmering in olive oil, what and whom am I thankful for?

Things I have been particularly thankful for this weekend include:

  • Living near the in-laws, who provide us with weekly food and dog-sitting and a particularly amazing Thanksgiving dinner (thank you, Bernie and Marsha)
  • The sun (I think I got burned on my run this morning…in late November.  Yesssssss)
  • Breaking Bad, for getting me through my 2 hour ride on the trainer Thanksgiving morning
  • Paul, for running out to CVS when, 30 minutes into the above-mentioned ride on the trainer, I experienced a minor meltdown because I realized that a.) the batteries on our Wii controller had died, b.) there is no other way to move onto the next episode without a Wii controller, c.) we were out of AA batteries, and d.) we don’t have cable
  • The group that swims at the early morning practice, for really attempting to race backwards freestyle at 6am just because I told them to…even though I am pretty sure they knew it was solely for my own entertainment
  • And, of course, for all the people in my life, near and far. Wish I could see you all every day.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Side-note (but not totally off topic), great article by Mark Bittman in last week’s NYT that, in the midst of all the bad news about food today, finds the good (and a shout out to Alix who is one of those that has started a small farm in the past 5 years. Woot.)

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