Deck the Halls

the complete display of holiday decorations at our house. its tree-shaped because the string of lights wasn't long enough to reach around the edge of the window.

Christmas has exploded in our office (I am going to apologize in advance for the quality of these pictures, they were taken quickly and with my phone.)

A 360 view of what I see as I walk out of my cubicle:

To the left (of course, I’ve mentioned this before):

look how much that battle has grown since the first ship landed on dec 1

To the right:

as far as i know, mitch is the only one in the office with a stocking

To the front:

oh hello there!

To the side (outside my neighbor’s cube):

ok, i lied. i have no idea who duckie is, but he has a stocking too.

To the other side (my neighbor’s file cabinet):

And to the back (inside my own cube, thanks to a coworker who hung it there):

A departure from my previous place of employment, where we weren’t allowed to have flowers on the counters because one of the managing partners thought it made the office look like a bank.

I should note, all of these are provided by a single employee who is letting the office “borrow” them for the season.  She also has three inflatable Christmas-themed decorations in the front yard of her home (a manger, noah’s ark…with flamingos…, and barn with all 9 of Santa’s reindeer sitting in their respective stalls. She showed me pictures on her phone.)  Can’t help but admire people who embrace anything with this amount of passion and just run with it.

P.S.  And what else to do when you’re sitting in a glittercloud of holiday than listen to some seasonal music.  Favorite this week: the She & Him Christmas Album.

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