South-facing window

We’ve been talking for a while about trying to get a jump start on spring planting.  Considering how erratic the weather has been, an indoor approach seemed like the best way to go.

Basic steps for starting seeds indoors are: plan which seeds you want, get seeds, plant seeds in little pots, and put them in a south-facing window.

Unfortunately, our only south-facing window is already dominated by another force.

We talked about hanging something from the window frame, moving the couch over to the right and trying to squeeze some plants on the table, even investing in a heat lamp and starter kit…but all of these ideas were shot down and the conversation kept veering back in the direction of a greenhouse.

You might remember the multiple greenhouse battles we lost last spring that resulted in our not knowing where anything was planted.

For me, that was enough.  I had written off homemade greenhouses in the spring in Kentucky.

Paul, however, is not as easily deterred.  He also still refuses to spend money on these things (see: birdfeeder), is home more than I am, and tends to take on projects like this with gusto.

And so, meet south-facing greenhouse 3.0:

Apparently, with a few bricks holding it down this one is INDESTRUCTIBLE.  We already have some herb and tomato seeds in there.

Considering we’ve only had 38 tornadoes touch down in the state this spring…I’m sure it’ll be fine.

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