Spring Garden


…or not.  This picture was taken on Thursday.

This is a battle we have every year: how to get the garden growing before the weather warms up enough to plant anything in the ground (here in Kentucky that magical date is Derby weekend, or the first weekend of May.)   Historically, we have tended to take the greenhouse route starting early March, and have experienced about 50% success rate (see: here and here.)

Generally in March/April the biggest hurdle to overcome is high winds.  This year, it’s straight up lack of sun.  Days have been cloudy and dark and cold, and those that are clear haven’t ventured much higher than 40 degrees.

Effing.  Miserable.

BUT!  I figured why not take advantage of the lag and put some real thought into what we plant this year?  Right?  Right!

Our yard has two garden boxes, one in the front by the garage where we plant tomatoes and peppers, and one in the back against the back fence.

gardensBoth face the same way, so we figured would get comparable sun.


Garden box #1 has been amazingly fruitful, giving us more tomatoes and peppers than we know what to do with.  Garden box #2, as you can probably see, ends up in the shade as the trees fill in and has continually failed to produce much of anything.  The only marginally successful crops we’ve planted back there have been beets two years ago:

fxcam_1310938365267 …and kale last year, which got eaten up by bugs.


 I am determined this year not to let that whole back box go to waste.   Also want to have a SUPER successful herb garden.  None of this.

Poor cilantro.

More of this:


Basil! (We had more than we knew what to do with and ended up drying it.  We’re still using it for sauces and stuff).


Last week a coworker gave me the UK seed catalog which, in addition to providing all sorts of instructions for how to grow things in Kentucky. also discusses local bugs.  Talk about excitement.  I’m in the early stages of review.  Update to come.

I can’t wait for spring.

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