Chicken update

We live in Kentucky.  Home of Tyson and the Kentucky State Fair. Chickenlandia.  …OR SO YOU’D THINK!  Apparently it’s more complicated to get yourself some chickens here than I would have guessed.

First, we were going to get chicks.  I was excited about this because chicks are adorable.

Then we found out you can’t “sex” the chicks (determine their gender…I know, I wish they’d use a different word too) until their feathers come in.  So, if we don’t want roosters (which we don’t, they aren’t allowed in residential areas), we need to get pullets (not poulets), or young hens that have just started laying eggs.

So Paul did some research, which included perusing the Kentucky chicken classifieds and posting messages on Cluck, the Lexington Chicken “Coop”erative Facebook wall.  So far he has not been able to find anywhere that will sell you 3 sexed pullets.  He’s putting his money on Saturday’s Southern States Chicken and Small Animal Swap, where he is hoping someone will be willing to swap him 3 chickens for money instead of another chicken.  Unfortunately, I will be in Oregon and won’t be swapping any small animals.

So, despite the setbacks, we are still full steam ahead on Operation: Poultry.  I have, in fact, been driving around with a huge gas grill box in the back of the car for the past 2 weeks.  Everyone is like, “Oh no way!  You guys got a grill??”  Nope.  It’s a box for our chickens.  That Paul will pick up at the chicken swap Saturday.

Fingers crossed.

Update:  the chicken swap got rained out.

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