Happy Halloweenie

While the east and north of us spent this week getting battered by Sandy, here in Kentucky it’s just cold.   And Spike is depressed.  Per usual.

The biting cold has arrived, high temps in the 40s.  On Tuesday, the evening the storm hit, I walked out of yoga to crazy bizarre beautiful light.

Half the sky was blue, the other half black, and the sun was setting in a firey pink cloud throwing an unreal orange red light on the tops of the trees.  The picture above from my phone through the car windshield does not do it justice, but that poetic description might.

Since that sunset it has been wet and dark and really cold with light rain, bordering on snow (the county about an hour east of here got 6 inches of snow).

Fortunately, an anonymous gift arrived for Tom Brady last week.

Aside from being properly equipped to watch weekend football with Paul, look how happy and warm he is.  Much more comfortable while he greets people as they walk up our entryway.

I know I’ve been lagging and this is kind of a pathetic comeback, regular posting to resume shortly.


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