Big Things

3 of them:

#1: We Matched

…at USC.  We’re moving to LA.  Text from my sister: “You’ll get to live the life of Lauren Conrad!”  Thank god for a super icy winter and the Y and keeping up with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  At least I’ll know what to say at cocktail parties.  Maybe, if I’m really lucky, HH will be discovered at one of these cocktail parties and I can become the next Dina Lohan.

#2: March Madness


UK beat Wichita State in a big fat upset yesterday.  This means that not only is my (and everyone else’s) bracket completely effed, but Kentucky plays Louisville this coming Friday.  If you forget why this is a very big deal, see: here.

#3: Nerlens.


Neeeeerleeeeeens.  Because we are moving to a concrete jungle, we’ve decided that Nerlens would probably be happier staying here in Kentucky at Andrea’s farm.  It was a hard decision.  Nerlens is part of our family and Spike will be very upset.  But really, he’s a Kentucky cat.   He needs a place to hunt rats and climb trees and roll in dirt.  Plus nobody in LA will pronounce his name right.

Lots going on.

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