The really upsetting part about the above picture is that a person I had met a few times who coincidentally works with one of my friends saw this picture on my friend’s phone at work and was like, “Oh wait, I know that girl, she works at the triathlon shop, right?”

October = sloth.  Time off from training combined with approaching holidays and travel over the past few weeks has resulted in…tighter pants and a real knack for convincing myself that I’d really be better off staying on the couch with my pumpkin beer “recovering” (from what, I don’t know) than getting up and going for a run.

Enter: Operation New Leaf.

A number of my friends (namely triathletes) are taking major steps to improve their diet and nutrition as the new season approaches.  So I decided that in the spirit of turning things around and making healthier choices next season I am going to start early and do the same…sort of.

Here is our office:

OK, that’s a blueprint of the Dunder Mifflin office, but it’s not SO far off.   We even have a Michael, Stanley, and Phyllis that work here.

Our office has these:

Everywhere.  All year long.  Not just for Halloween.  (And this is a small bowl…but I didn’t want people thinking I was a weirdo taking pictures of the office candy.)

Here is me:

I love sugar.    Here is how our office is set up:

The orange line denotes the path from the front door to my desk, the green line is the bathroom to my desk, and the pink dashed line is my alternative route.  The angry tornadoes are, obviously, baskets of processed sugar.  This is the challenge I face every day-after-sedentary-day. And pretty much every day I lose.

So my major, revolutionary, dietary life change?  I’m not going gluten free…or sugar free…or even candy free…just NO MORE CRAP AT WORK.  Today was my first day.  I made it.

Baby steps to the elevator.

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