Streak Report–Part I

So, I could lie and pretend like I’ve run every day of the streak.  But I won’t.

Started out on the right foot (ha), but the shins and back pain kicked in after a run I (apparently) pushed a little bit too hard followed by a weekend of increased cycling hours, and I didn’t want to aggravate it all too much.  So I haven’t been running every day.  Fail.  But I have committed myself to exercising every day!  (I missed one day out of the last 12).  And I plan to do so through the first of the year.

Report thus far:

Day 0: 5.4 miles with the morning group (this was the day before I heard about the streak, but thought it should count since I ran)

Day 1: 1 mile (ouch…had a work event, it was dark)

Day 2: 5.4 mucusy miles with the morning group (it was 26 degrees outside)

Day 3: 2 miles with Spike, the squirrels were out in force, I wanted to kill him (+90 minute ride on the bike)

Day 4: 1 mile on my own (+ 5000 yard swim + 1 hour on bike)

Day 5: 3 miles easy running with Paul and Spike (this weekend was where the back and shins started getting bad)

Day 6: ~.5 miles (1-minute sprints with Allison in between our TRX circuits)

Day 7: 5.4 miles with morning group, avg 7:40/mile (+ 1hr yoga…my back was KILLING me, wanted to stretch it out)

Day 8: 0 miles run, but 1.5 mile walk with Spike (and we put our new couch together…I wasn’t feeling super great)

Day 9: 4 miles (25 min run + 6 x 30 sec strides)

Day 10: 0 miles, shins hurt and had long run planned for next day (+ 1hr 30 min on bike + 1500 yard swim)

Day 11: 8.4 miles by my lonesome, had to throw my emergency mix on my ipod to get me out of the house (1hr 10min)

Day 12: 3.4 miles nice and slow (+TRX with a few sprints)

Total miles: 40.1.  Weak sauce.

There you have it.  The (first) 12 Days of Streaking.

…and while we’re riding the Confession Train, I might as well go ahead and announce that at some point last week I actively dove headfirst off the wagon and started eating chocolate in my office again LIKE IT IS MY JOB.

I’m ready for break.

P.S. Someone put a ceramic duck wearing a Christmas sweater right outside my cube.  Totally necessary.

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