Streak Report–Part II

sausage race finish line…picture via

And now, for the second and final installment of the streak report.  Not a lot of running and minimal biking (because I was in California and did not have a bike with me.)  At least I got to do a lot of this in the sun.

Continued from Part I

Day 13: 1hr 15 min of TRX with sprints in between each circuit

Day 14: 5.3 mile run alone with my music, shins and knee reeeeally got to me

Day 15: 26 mile bike ride (1 hr 30 min).  Also the day I decided to take the next week+ off until my leg stopped hurting.

Day 16 : First day in CA.  3200 swim OUTSIIIIDE!

Day 17 (Christmas): everything was closed.  Did a 5ish mile walk with Paul and Dad in the hot hot sun (I broke a sweat, counting it).

Day 18: 4.something mile hike in the mountains of SB with some old friends (we walked uphill, also counting it)

Day 19: 4000 swim (1hr 15 min, main set: broken mile)

Day 20: 3500 swim (1hr 15 min, long course masters practice in SB)

Day 21: 2500 swim (1 hr, long and easy, hypoxic pull)

Day 22: 3000 swim (1hr 15 min, threw some fast 100s in there)

Day 23: Nothing.  Spent the day recovering from a migraine on the flight home.  Then baked bread.

Day 24 (but actually day 25 bc I started on day 0): (NEW YEARS DAY!) 1hr 30 min ride on the trainer.  Felt like death.

The end.  How anticlimactic.  It wasn’t a complete fail, I only did nothing on 2 of the 25 days, but also not a complete success.  I’m still not running, going to try to start again this weekend.  Fingers crossed….

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