The European Cup (Paul is obsessed), Olympic Trials (craziness in track and field), NBA draft (huge for Kentucky), the Tour de France (starting this weekend)…it’s an interesting phenomenon watching all these amazing athletic feats going on while your own body slowly turns into a pile of mush.

This past week from 8-9pm every night has been devoted to watching swimming.  I really think I enjoy Trials more than the actual Olympics. They are so fricking exciting.

And while the whole Phelps/Lochte thing is so overdone, and Rowdy Gains and Dan Hicks feel the need to sit in each other’s laps while they announce (see above), there are moments like this:

breeja larson winning the 100 breast, first time an A&M swimmer has ever won at olympic trials

…and this…

matt grever’s family celebrating his olympic berth (picture taken by a friend who is attending the event…awesome)

…and this.

first olympic team for both of them

I pretty much tear up after every race.

So far I have been the only one home when they’re on, so I settle in with Spike and a box of popsicles (it’s been like 90* here at night, ridiculously hot) and yell and cheer and scare the dog while slowly making my way through the box.  It takes a lot out of you. And kind of feels like exercise.  I recommend it.

P.S. Germany just lost to Italy in the European Cup.   It’ll be a sad night at the in-laws.

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