Our first crop.  I threw in a screw for size reference.  These things are tiny.  I don’t know if Paul is picking them too early of they are just dwarfed for some reason.

These were our tomatoes about a month ago:

They have since exploded.

And apparently they’re all roma (we forgot to put labels in the pots.  Oops.)

Enough of that gripping topic.  Today I jet off to Boston for my cousin Jess’s wedding. Family events with either side of my family always involve a million people and chaos.  They’re my fav.

Oh, and speaking of family, yesterday my parents celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary.  That…is a long time.  In honor of them, and since I can’t find pictures from the olden days, here is a picture of the two of them overlooking the ocean in SF last year…with me interrupting in the middle.  Just like real life.

…and to wrap up this pretty pointless post…enjoy your weekend.

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